Welcome to NoviceCritic.com! A site dedicated to everyday amateurs, who happen to have opinions.

I wish I had a more glorious origin story for my blog, but I do remember being obsessed with all of the wonderful blogs out in the world in 2014 and deciding to give it a try myself. I quickly realized that attempting to emulate my favorite bloggers was not going to work out for me. I spill too many things on my shirt to be a fashion blogger, I have a little too much anxiety to describe myself as an adventurous travel blogger, and I cannot seem to get the hang of makeup to really call myself a beauty expert. Instead I decided to find my niche, someone who has no true expertise in anything but likes to experience things first hand for themselves. If some expert recommends the new hottest restaurant in town, the must see indie drama of the year, or the magic cream that must be in every person’s medicine cabinet, I feel obligated to try it for myself, and report back. Along the way, Novice Critic has also become a genuine way to document what I find to be most important in life, experiences. From the major bucket list items, to the everyday moments, here’s to making experiences count.


Attempting to get a cute picture of me drinking coffee, a three part play. I have newfound respect for fashion bloggers who do this everyday.