Welcome to NoviceCritic.com, a site dedicated to crossing off those bucket list items, enjoying the little things in life, and making memories in between. When I started this site a few years ago I wanted to emulate the awesome blogs I followed, but I am just not cut out for it. I spill too many things on my shirt to be a fashion blogger, I have a a little too much anxiety to describe myself as adventurous, and I cannot seem to get the hang of makeup to really call myself a beauty expert. But I am going to try it out anyways. I would describe myself as someone who wants to give most things a try. When I see a trailer for a movie, an ad for a new beauty product, or an Instagram photo of my cousin in an exotic place I have to try it out for myself. Even if a trendy restaurant turns out to be disappointing or an international trip has a few bumps in the road, I rarely regret at least giving something a try.  I may not be the most qualified person to give my opinion, but I am always honest and I do everything with a good sense of humor. So welcome to Novice Critic, a site dedicated to trying things for the first time and telling other people about it.


Attempting to get a cute picture of me drinking coffee, a three part play. I have newfound respect for fashion bloggers who do this everyday.