You Should See The Movie Deadpool: If you are tired of the same old superhero movie mold If you enjoy self-aware films. From the very first scene with the opening credits, Deadpool addresses the rise of the superhero genre and continues to play on it for the rest of the film. Although it is Marvel, … More Deadpool

Hail, Caesar!

I did not know what to expect when I went to see Hail, Caesar!(i.e. I did not fully understand the plot from the trailer). However, I really enjoyed the film and thought it was well-crafted with a refreshing story line. You Should Watch Hail, Caesar!: If you enjoy movies by the Coen brothers If you … More Hail, Caesar!

The Big Short

I cannot believe the award season is already starting with the Golden Globes this upcoming Sunday. I feel this is one of the better movie years, compared to the last few, as the award competition is crowded and the film The Big Short is definitely a contender. Things to Know About The Big Short: While … More The Big Short


Silver Linings Playbook is high up on my favorite movies list so I always get excited when the next David O. Russell film starring the dream team of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro is released. I was really looking forward to seeing Joy, which was released on Christmas Day, as the titular … More Joy


So of course everyone is talking about the new Star Wars movie, but I choose to put that off during its opening weekend and instead went to see Spotlight(with like 8 other people). I knew Spotlight had been nominated for a Golden Globe, but I was still surprised that I enjoyed watching it so much. … More Spotlight


I saw the film Carol, this past weekend which was directed by Todd Haynes and will be released next week on the twentieth of November. I also realized from watching this film how distinct Weinstein films are, as they are the studio behind this film, and how much they love heavy dramas and Carol is … More Carol