Sweat App

I am always in search of a way for me to consistently enjoy exercise. To clarify, I will never become someone who participates for marathons or can lift the biggest weights, it is not in the cards for me, but I want to enjoy exercise just enough where I can turn into one of those … More Sweat App

Disneyland App

During this last time that I purchased a ticket for Disneyland online, I noticed an upgrade option labeled the Disney MaxPass. I am unsure of how long they have offered the MaxPass option, which basically allows you to reserve a FastPass on your phone for $10 a person, but this was the first time I … More Disneyland App


  The main use, and draw, for the website and app Goldstar is to find discount tickets. Through connections with venues and live entertainment companies, Goldstar is able to provide tickets at a discount price for a whole range of activities and entertainment. With cheaper tickets comes a little bit of a risk. Sometimes you … More Goldstar


I love visiting and living in big cities, but one of the challenges that come with frequenting the city is parking. When I bought tickets to see a play in downtown Chicago, the ticket website had a map for suggested parking near the venue. When I clicked on the closest parking garage, the site recommended … More ParkWhiz