A trip to Big Sur would not be complete without a stop for lunch at Nepenthe, the restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean off the Pacific Coast Highway. After driving along the coast, it is nice to stop for lunch at Nepenthe where you can enjoy looking out over the side of the cliff without worrying … More Nepenthe

17 Mile Drive

Notes On 17 Mile Drive: My main goal for staying in Monterey Bay, California was to see the beautiful coastline view along highway 1 up to Big Sur, but I took the 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach and I could definitely argue that this view is just as beautiful. It is for sure worth … More 17 Mile Drive

The Bench

Pebble Beach Resort in Northern California is known for its top notch golf course, so of course I had to have lunch overlooking the 18th hole. There are two restaurants right next door at Pebble Beach, Stillwater and The Bench, that provide the best views. The restaurant Stillwater is more formal and focuses mainly on … More The Bench


I had seen a few Masterclass advertisements, but for some reason I never was enticed to try it at first. The handful of commercials I had seen, which advertised comedy lessons from Steve Martin and acting lessons from Helen Mirren, seemed too good to be true. I assumed you had to pay a huge chunk … More Masterclass

Eataly (Los Angeles)

I was expecting to be underwhelmed by the Eataly that recently opened in Los Angeles, so of course I actually ended up being impressed (usually I visit a new place and have high expectations and then I am disappointed, so maybe I should start lowering my expectations). Eataly takes up two floors in the Westfield … More Eataly (Los Angeles)

Rifle Paper Co.

I received a planner from Anthropologie a year ago, and I loved using it, but never checked for the actual brand until I needed a new planner. I flipped it over and found the brand Rifle Paper Co. written on the back. I still went back to Anthropologie to buy a planner for 2018, but … More Rifle Paper Co.