Compartes Chocolatier

I always have to try a fancy chocolate brand to see if it is worth its sticker price, but beyond the taste, Compartes has really nailed the presentation. Based in Los Angeles, Compartes is known for its themed packaging and classic LA partnerships (like the Beverly Hills Hotel or Ice Cream Museum chocolate bars). The … More Compartes Chocolatier


I was very skeptical of a “drybar” concept, as my first thought was why not just go to a full service hair salon and get your hair done if you need it for a special event. I was also skeptical of the idea of paying to get your hair styled for everyday life. I was … More Drybar


I had seen a few Masterclass advertisements, but for some reason I never was enticed to try it at first. The handful of commercials I had seen, which advertised comedy lessons from Steve Martin and acting lessons from Helen Mirren, seemed too good to be true. I assumed you had to pay a huge chunk … More Masterclass

Rifle Paper Co.

I received a planner from Anthropologie a year ago, and I loved using it, but never checked for the actual brand until I needed a new planner. I flipped it over and found the brand Rifle Paper Co. written on the back. I still went back to Anthropologie to buy a planner for 2018, but … More Rifle Paper Co.

Ballet Beautiful

Even though I learned about the Ballet Beautiful workout through the Instagram of Victoria’s Secret models, I am a realist and recognize that this is not the only way these women get their Victoria’s Secret bodies (I am sure hours and hours of workouts plus lots of green smoothies and good genes are required for … More Ballet Beautiful