Hotel Collection

After spending way too much time staring at the same apartment for months and months, I decided to spend the beginning of 2021 slowly changing up the decor to at least give it a fresh appearance and trick my mind into thinking I’m somewhere new. I didn’t intend to purchase all new bedding from the … More Hotel Collection

Lord Jones

I previously wrote about using CBD products in general, but that was back when I was still experimenting with different brands. I now have a regular favorite that I use, the interestingly named Lord Jones. The brand has a great lineup of products with a pretty strong fan following from customers. I personally use their … More Lord Jones

Otherland Candle

Back at the beginning of March, which seems like a year away at this point, I received an Otherland Candle as a birthday gift and I finally decided to actually light it and try it out. The candle comes in a box that opens up like it’s a transformer. I was very thrown off when … More Otherland Candle

Christy Dawn

I don’t think you can ever truly become a one hundred percent ethical shopper, at least not based on our corporate habits and company offerings at the moment. However, I will say a college lecture on the business model and ethical questions of fast fashion back in 2016 has made me more aware of my … More Christy Dawn

Hawaiian Airlines

For the most part, travelers tend to pick their airline based mainly on the cheapest ticket. A close second is for best mileage perks, but if you’re like me and don’t quite travel often enough to earn significant miles on airlines, you have what feels like 500 different airline accounts and spread out miles. When … More Hawaiian Airlines