Ocean’s 8

Notes On The Film Ocean’s 8: Ocean’s 8 was already good before I even saw it just because they cast all of my favorite people. I will not tolerate harsh reviews for anything with my faves in it. Sandra, Cate, Mindy, and Sarah do not get bad reviews, they just don’t. Some party poopers have … More Ocean’s 8


Notes On The Film Solo: I cannot handle Han Solo’s terrible hair in this film. I think overall the film for me gets a B, but that hair gets a D-. Donald Glover continues to be a national treasure. I was waiting for Lando’s character to show up and was very excited when he finally … More Solo

I Feel Pretty

Notes On The Film I Feel Pretty: When I first saw the trailer for the film I Feel Pretty, I was interested in seeing it. Even though I still have not seen her film Trainwreck (which I may go rent now after watching this movie) I really loved her show and always found her humor … More I Feel Pretty