Milk Jar Cookies


After spending too much time at home surrounded by all of my stuff, and after getting sick of my own cooking and spending months longing for various favorite restaurant items, I excitedly welcome any and all food gifts. I was sent a dozen cookies for Valentine’s Day and that will top a dozen flowers or any other Valentine’s themed item I could receive. For anyone deciding between sending me flowers and cookies, send the cookies.

Specifically, I was sent cookies from a bakery called Milk Jar Cookies located in Los Angeles off of Wilshire Blvd. I’ve heard the name in passing a few times before and hoped to try them myself one day, but I was not prepared to taste the best cookies I have ever tried. After eating these, all cookies will forever be ruined and might as well be described as crackers with sugar on top because Milk Jar Cookies has mastered the taste and texture of what a true cookie should be. The gift giver assumed based on photos that these were mini cookies, which is why I was sent a dozen, but these are actually the most giant cookies. For scale, one of them had half a strawberry inside of it, so pretty big! The best compliment I could give them is that I don’t like oatmeal raisin cookies, and yet I happily scarfed down the one oatmeal raisin cookie that came in the box. They also hold up really well in the freezer and then reheat to perfection, in case you are like me and unfortunately can’t eat a dozen large cookies in three days. This post is basically me hinting to anyone in my life that might read this, to buy me another dozen cookies from Milk Jar.


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