Hotel Collection


After spending way too much time staring at the same apartment for months and months, I decided to spend the beginning of 2021 slowly changing up the decor to at least give it a fresh appearance and trick my mind into thinking I’m somewhere new. I didn’t intend to purchase all new bedding from the Hotel Collection (since I already knew it was pricey and after 2020, 2021 is really all about budgeting) but the collection was having a great sale at Macy’s so I took it as a sign.

Personally I love hotel bedding. It’s always crisp and cool when you get into bed at the end of the day. I admit this is mostly due to getting into freshly washed sheets each day, but I was hoping to replicate as closely as possible to that feeling. All of the color and design options are mostly subtle from this line, but the white and champagne color combo I choose ended up brightening up my room anyways. The sheets stay crisp and cool even in the hand full of days between washes, and the quality is so great, as you can tell the bedding is thick and will last a long time. I also went with a quilted coverlet instead of a duvet because I am somehow always too warm and like to keep things light when I’m sleeping. I do live in Los Angeles though, so a nice fluffy and thick duvet would probably work better during the winter in much colder places.

Next on my list would definitely be the Hotel Collection robe.


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