Clementine is the type of local restaurant and bakery where everything they make tastes as if it was homemade in your neighbor’s kitchen in the best way. They are home to my favorite tuna melt sandwich, which is heavy on the melt and probably why I like it so much. A cheesy, greasy, and tasty tuna on some delicious bread. Their entire menu really has a running theme of at-home comfort food, from build your own grilled cheese to chicken pot pie, meatloaf, chili, and delicious baked desserts to finish it off. They are located on a corner street in century city with the world’s worst parking, and yet this place was constantly packed pre-pandemic, a sign that Angelenos were willing to brave traffic and then difficult parking to get some goods from Clementine. During the pandemic, they’ve shifted to pick up only and have included lots of take home and bake options that I would definitely be getting if I had three children at home. For now I will enjoy a quick stop to pick up my favorite tuna melt and fresh ginger limeade lunch combo.


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