How Did This Get Made? Podcast

A little late to the podcast party for How Did This Get Made?, but I love watching any and all movies, even the bad ones. The only time I haven’t finished a movie is when I felt like it was boring. A bad movie can still be very entertaining, so this is the perfect podcast for me. It’s like watching a movie with friends and then developing inside jokes about it.

This is also a great podcast to start at a time when movie theaters are closed, and you can follow along and select some movies you probably haven’t seen or even heard of before. I know a lot of fans of this podcast that listen to every episode even if they haven’t seen the movie at all, but I found it’s even better to listen along when you’ve seen the film. The podcast is hosted by June Diane Raphael, Paul Scheer, and Jason Mantzoukas, who are all hilarious and riff off each other really well while talking about these films. This podcast has also been around 10+ years, which makes it an elder compared to the onslaught of new podcasts in the last few years.

Personal favorite episodes are all of the Fast and Furious ones, Spiderman 3, Grease 2 and Joyful Noise, but again I truly think listening when you have actually seen the movie adds to the experience!

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