Magnolia Bakery

2020 is the year of finding small moments of joy while everything else is falling apart. Which, for me, means indulging in lots of sweets for no special reason whatsoever. Who needs a special occasion when you can bring home delicious goods from Magnolia Bakery simply to cheer yourself up and your roommate. Magnolia Bakery is a NYC institution, but I feel very lucky to have a location in Los Angeles.

They are known for their banana pudding, and as a banana-loving gal, their banana pudding has definitely found a place on my list of all time favorite desserts. I highly recommend getting one of their monthly specialty flavors (the oreo, chocolate chip, and pretzel banana pudding from September is imprinted into my taste buds).
They also have amazing bars, magic cookie bars and lemon bars to be specific. You can tell these are definitely freshly made and have that “home-baked” taste.
Their cupcakes are very cute, but I wouldn’t spend fifteen minutes finding parking on 3rd Street just to pick up some Magnolia Cupcakes, a few other bakeries top them in this category.

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