A Few Peter Thomas Roth Products

If you are someone who follows the philosophy of using all skincare products from the same brand, then Peter Thomas Roth might be the brand for you. If you are someone who has sensitive skin like I do (although you should always test try products as different skins react to different things), then PTR might be the brand for you. If you are someone who loves face masks like I do, then PTR is definitely the brand for you.

My first introduction to the brand was with the Acne Face & Body Scrub. One quick note, I haven’t actually tried this on my face. I usually have an adverse reaction to salicylic acid on my face, but 1% is not too strong of an amount and I’ve had not problems using it on my body. The one set-back is that the bottle is small for using it across your body, so I usually buy 2-3 at a time, especially when PTR is having a sale! I’ve found this is great for anyone who is prone to breakouts on their body, especially from sweaty breakouts.
My favorite Peter Thomas Roth product, the Hydra-Gel Eye Patches! I don’t know if they give you any kind of permanent under eye improvement, but they do help with puffiness and feel amazing to put on in general. I’ve been wearing them after staring at my computer screen for way too long while working from home and they’re both refreshing and calming for my entire eye area.
The Peter Thomas Roth mask kits really speak to my weakness for face masks. Out of the set I recently bought, my favorites are the cucumber gel mask, the irish moor mud mask, and the 24k gold mask. The cucumber feels so refreshing and is great after a long day in the sun. The irish moor mud mask is a great alternative to a charcoal mask which I feel is too harsh on my skin. The gold mask is great for a nice glow on the face.
This was my first time trying a sulfur product when using their acne treatment mask. I’m conflicted because it worked really well, tried it for both my face and problem areas on my body. It does dry out the skin, but I have no problem putting on lotion after using it. The problem I did have was with the lingering, very strong, smell. I accidentally ruined every single towel I own when I put the one hand towel I used to wipe the mask off of my face, into the laundry, and the smell permanently infused itself into all of my towels.

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