Yeastie Boys Bagels

This is the perfect time to be a food truck as I can’t think of a better social distancing restaurant setup. I actually had to adjust to the thought of “food trucks” when I first moved to Los Angeles. Ice cream trucks were the closest thing to a food truck I experienced growing up in Chicago, but a fully prepared meal from a truck seemed suspicious. Now I am all for the food trucks, especially during a pandemic. My current weekend morning routine involves a quick jaunt over to Studio City to pick up a coffee from Alfred’s and a delicious bagel breakfast sandwich from Yeastie Boys, home of the L.A. bagel. Be warned that once you eat it for the first time, you will regularly be craving a Yeastie Boys bagel.

Yeastie Boys usually has 2-3 trucks out and about each day, in common areas like Studio City, Brentwood, and Silver Lake. Their schedule is posted each day on the @YeastieBoysBagels Instagram, which is also an entertaining follow both for the humor and drool worthy food posts. My personal order is the Cheddy Wap (cheese, fried egg, and bacon) sometimes with added avocado. I’ve never been brave enough to make it “heavy” which is adding a hash brown in the middle, but someday I may go for it.

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