Joan’s On Third

Six months into the pandemic, it is still so shocking to look at pre-coronavirus pictures of what life used to be like and how even small life rituals, such as eating inside a busy Joan’s on Third every weekend, was something I didn’t realize would soon be drastically changed. But it is so important to continue to support people and businesses even when quarantine fatigue sets in and some of the early days of the pandemic are forgotten. Joan’s, both the original location in Hollywood and my favorite location in Studio City, is still operating with limited outdoor capacity and of course pick ups and deliveries. Their normal menu is limited and I miss picking things out from the cold case inside and browsing their baked goods, snacks, and cookbooks, but I’m still happy I can pick up a Chinese chicken salad, a ficelle sandwich, and some chocolate gummy bears when I’m craving them.

This is probably one of the most unhealthy but iconic salads out there. It will give you plenty of flavor but not many health benefits (life is short though who needs a healthy salad anyways?).
They currently have a ton of frozen items you can take home. Their chicken potstickers are delicious and a great snack/side item to have waiting in your freezer.

An obviously pre-coronavirus image when groups of people could meet and eat indoors without masks. Cannot wait to get back to this someday in the future so I will try to continue supporting places I love to make that happen.

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