A Few Megababe Products


Katie Sturino is one of my favorite follows on Instagram. I find her to be hilarious on her Instagram stories, but she also does great posts about celebrity fashion looks and making them accessible for everyday people (or as she calls it #supersize the look) and for doing brand reviews of how clothing actually fits, for swimsuits, shorts, robes, and even underwear. Katie also founded a beauty product company called Megababe. I decided to try out some of the products, partly because I enjoy Katie’s Instagram so much, but also because one of the products she makes is a natural deodorant and felt like it would be a good decision to switch from regular deodorant. Megababe’s makes products for “taboo” body issues and I tried three of them.



Rosy Pits Daily Deodorant

I’ve only been an official natural deodorant wearer for a short time now, but switching from regular to natural is SO TOUGH. I have talked with other people who have made the change and who seem to try every natural deodorant in the book so the only comparison I can give the Megababe natural deodorant stick is to using aluminum filled deodorant like Dove. I will say I do have more sweat under my armpits than normal and I do have to apply sometimes twice or three times a day. This seams to be more of a side effect of natural deodorant in general and not only Megababe. I am satisfied though that I never smell while using this deodorant, and I love the smell of the Rosy Pits stick, I haven’t tried the other ones yet. I also switched to this natural brand during an intensely hot summer, it was 103 in the valley the other day, and have been doing at home workouts in my tiny, warm apartment so this holds up pretty well.



Thigh Rescue Anti-Friction Stick

This is MegaBabe’s claim to fame, and seemingly most popular, product. I normally use regular deodorant on my thighs when I’m in a dress or shorts outside during the hot LA summers, but since I am committing to using natural deodorant, I switched to using this natural stick. Like the deodorant, chemicals are the best at stopping sweat and chafing, but with re-applying a few times throughout the day, this stick pretty much did its job.



Le Tush Clarifying Butt Mask

I am secretly obsessed with butt products. The butt does not get much love in the beauty brand world, but all I see on Instagram is bikini butt pictures. I am sure a lot of those pictures have been edited, but it really fuels my goal to have the perfect butt skin. I wouldn’t say the Le Tush mask gave me a photo-shopped looking behind, but it is really great for any skin on your body that is prone to irritation, acne, uneven skin, bumps, etc. I use it on my tush of course, as well as the back of my legs and my inner thighs.

MegaBabe has some other great products to try as well including Beach Paint (to help with melasma in the sun), Bust Dust (for sweaty cleavage), body wash, and underarm masks.





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