Sun Valley, Idaho


Although I have gotten to know my apartment walls very well over the last few months, getting to spend some time in the great outdoors was a much needed refresh. The states making up the mountain west region in the U.S. seem to have shot up in appeal in 2020. I’ve heard from a lot of people that are strongly considering a permanent move from the cities to places like Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho to have a lot more space for themselves and especially their children. Sun Valley, Idaho is about a thirteen hour drive from Los Angeles. We stayed in rented cabins on a ranch (the best way to socially distance) and enjoyed mountains and plenty of open space.

Sun Valley is a much smaller town than I expected. Coming from sprawling Los Angeles, staying in a town that has one main road was such a treat. Driving into the area, there is mostly flat desert up until you find green and mountainous Sun Valley. The town’s main road is flanked on each side with mountains, green ranches, and horses because we all love to point out horses while driving by them each and every time. Some of my favorite places to eat in town include Grumpy’s, known for their delicious burgers with lots of outdoor patio seating, Java on Fourth with great coffee and even better pastries and veggie breakfast burritos to-go, and Big Wood Bread where we picked up lunch almost every day.






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