Magpies Softserve


Located in an unassuming strip mall on the cusp of Silverlake and Atwater Village in Los Angeles sits my favorite soft serve shop, Magpies Softserve. I’m originally from the Chicago suburbs and being a vegan always seemed like a very difficult lifestyle to follow in the Midwest, however the more time I spend in Los Angeles, the more I’m convinced I could make the vegan thing work with places like Magpies Softserve. I feel like it would be hard for me to give up cheese and things made with dairy (like ice cream) but I may have changed my mind. Along with their delicious dairy flavors, Magpies serves just as tasty vegan flavors of their soft serve, and whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Their soft serve is rich and creamery, and they have the best, although a little pricey, toppings around. We bought a pint of soft serve to go and of course got their to go toppings as well, but I really wanted to eat the container of brown butter rice krispies as its own snack.

The true gem of Magpies though, is their soft serve pies. Totally decadent, totally delicious and totally vegan.

MagpiesSoftserve_6740MagpiesSoftserve_7175Solid lineup for a movie night during the pandemic…MagpiesSoftserve_7173vegan brown sugar vanilla soft serve made with oat milk and brown butter rice krispies plus,MagpiesSoftserve_7176two slices of vegan soft serve pie.




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