Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi

Taste the Nation


I always love a good food and travel show. Netflix’s Chef’s Table is in my top ten list of all time favorite television shows, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives was always my show of choice for an old fashion TV binge back before streaming was a thing, and Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is forever a classic. So, watching Padma Lakshmi’s new show Taste the Nation is a no-brainer for me, plus there’s been five hundred articles and reviews since its release telling everyone it is a must-watch show. On top of all that, I personally just love Padma Lakshmi so I was very excited to watch her helm her own travel and food series and I really hope (and based on the positive response would expect) to see at least a second season.

Taste the Nation is a Hulu original and every time I start to forget about Hulu, they always seem to add a new show that I get hooked on and binge quickly, before I then forget about Hulu again. Since I’m mostly home and bored these days, I had no problem binging through the entire show. I now wish I had taken the time to sit down each night and only watch one episode as each one deserves its own spotlight and has so many details to take in. The show does a great job of using a different type of food each episode to weave in relevant topics, food history, the history of each location it films in, and of course the culture of the people who create this food.

I’ve heard many people state episode 4 as their favorite, which follows the history and cuisine of the Gullah Geechee people in South Carolina. All of the episodes were so great, but along with episode 4, my other favorites include episode 3 about Indian cuisine and Padma’s own family history, and episode 9 about the Thai community in Las Vegas that I previously didn’t know about.




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