HAIM Album, Women in Music Pt. III

HAIM Women In Music Pt. III

Oh HAIM, how I love these gals. HAIM’s newest album, Women in Music Pt. III, turns out to be the perfect album for this unusual and stressful 2020 summer. This album is perfect to dance along to in front of the fan in your room as you refuse to turn on the air conditioning that you must now pay for all day instead of having it at the office. Or perhaps it’s the perfect album to listen to while laying on your tiny balcony in the sun because you unfortunately did not purchase a house with a giant backyard and pool before the pandemic. Or maybe you listen to it while having a socially distant picnic at your local park, or while taking your daily walk (with a mask on please), or on your drive to the grocery store. However you choose to summer for the next couple of months, this album works great for all sorts of situations.


My favorites from the album,


Now I’m In It

Summer Girl

Don’t Wanna

The Steps

Leaning On You

I Know Alone


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