Josephine LA Bakery


As things are slowly and cautiously reopening, with many safe steps taken by both businesses and customers (please wear a mask! And always keep washing you hands even without a pandemic, don’t be gross) I’ve been making lists of restaurants I love and want to keep supporting, and places I hadn’t tried pre-pandemic and can’t wait to try now. California has been slower to fully open than most states, and I’m personally sticking to take out, but I want to try and support local restaurants as much as possible so they can keep their doors open for many years to come.

I love any and all sweets, so I will of course support any and all bakeries. Josephine LA is an adorable and delicious bakery that first opened it’s doors at the beginning of the year and unfortunately was met with a challenging time within only three months of opening. I went for the first time back in March, and haven’t stopped thinking about their amazing brownies with meringue on top ever since.

They also have the cutest gifts and cooking items, that you can gift to someone else or of course gift to yourself. I can never resist a good mug and had to buy one of their music lyric mugs.








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