The Big Flower Fight


Describe any show as being comparable to the Great British Bake Off and I will of course have to start watching it. The Big Flower Fight on Netflix is as delightful as promised, but with a new competitive twist. The show revolves around building massive flower structures, not your everyday flower arrangements, but true structures that require engineering skill along with the creative aspect. I’m basically trying to convince you not to be deterred by flowers, because it is incredibly interesting to see how these things get built. As with GBBO (and with how I felt about the competitive fashion show Next In Fashion) the success of the show is in the absolutely charming contestants. I became too attached by the third or fourth episode and didn’t really want anyone to get eliminated. They all have different backgrounds and skill sets that they somehow transfer to attaching flowers to metal frames. I also loved their main judge Kristen Griffith VanderYacht. With a name like that he is destined to bring personality and sass to the position of head judge, and backs his critiques with his own success as a florist.




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