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These days I’m honestly struggling to do anything productive. And I don’t even mean normal productivity, as in terms of work or life projects, but I can’t seem to approach a recipe that’s too complicated, a show that has too heavy of a plot-line, or try to keep up with one of the many books waiting to be read on my bookshelf. One thing that I’ve found myself drawn to even more these days as my own form of meditation is simply listening to music. I love music and have always found it comforting, so turning to it when everything else is up in the air is the perfect escape. So, as one of my “productive” projects of the last week or two, I’ve been working on building up my playlist selection on Spotify. Here is a list of my current faves.

Nancy Meyer’s Kitchen

– I found this playlist through the blog Carly the Prepster, and it has become one of my number one playlists ever since. This is also a great working from home playlist(or office playlist once we return to them one day).

Nancy Meyers Makes Croissants

– Nancy Meyer’s Kitchen led me to this one, which is just as good.

Nora Ephron (and friends) Soundtracks

Breakfast at Tiffanys, Roman Holidays, and All that Jazz

– I then thought about other movies that would make great inspirations for playlists, which included Nora Ephron’s films and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Best Movie Soundtracks

– I’ve either read an article before, or heard from a few professors, that the best music to listen to while studying is classical and film scores. It keeps your brain alert while not fully distracting you.

Cinematic Indie Folk

Sunday Morning – Paris Cafe

Ina’s Cooking Playlist: Women who Rock

– Cooking expert, and adorable human, Ina Garten has the best lineup of playlists.

Ina Garten’s Trip to Paris

Barefoot Contessa Beach Party

Cooking Music by Daisy Dream

– It seems movies and cooking make for the best playlist inspiration.


I also created a few of my own. Warning, I like long playlists where I surprise myself and start to forget what songs I actually added.

Road Tripping

– Although travel is still restricted for a bit, I still like to listen to this playlist while I stare at a wall and daydream about driving down a road somewhere new and exciting.

Music of the Musicals

– You could easily make this playlist days long, as I quickly realized how long songs in a music actually are. These are mostly my personal favorites, though I’m always thinking of another song or musical I missed.

Work It Out

– This is my work out playlist, as the only thing that will convince me to exercise is good music. I also could have called this “Pop Divas and a Few of Their Friends.”




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