Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

VanLeeuwen_0320Oh how I love fancy ice cream. Although baked goods will always be my number one when it comes to sweets, I would never turn down good ice cream. Los Angeles seems to have an endless supply of artisan ice cream shops, and now is a great time to order pints of fancy ice cream when we’re all mostly at home sitting on our couch. This was my first time trying Van Leeuwen ice cream and it was so good. I ordered it off of the app Caviar, and on the app they flag certain items that are popular among people ordering from each restaurant. I almost ordered a mocha flavor as my third option, but cookie and cream is labeled as Van Leeuwen’s most popular flavor, so I switched my choice and was not disappointed. I would stock my freezer with their cookie and cream flavor alone, it’s so yummy. Overall I wouldn’t say Van Leeuwen is the best ice cream I’ve had in Los Angeles, but all of their flavors are rich and come with the best “chunks”, as in the best chunks of chocolate cookie in cookie and cream, the best chunks of brownie in chocolate fudge brownie, and the best chunks of cookie dough in chocolate chip cookie dough.





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