Bluestone Lane


I finally broke my no eating out rule. Since I’ve been trying to save money and limit contact with others, I’ve been sticking to grocery shopping every two weeks, but I gave in and ordered from Bluestone Lane. Of all things, I had the biggest craving for fancy breakfast toast and Bluestone is definitely the champion of fancy breakfast toast.  I looked up the brand after ordering and was surprised to learn they have a ton of locations. I knew that it is an Australian inspired cafe, but was surprised to see that not only do they have locations in California, but also Washington D.C., New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and a location in Toronto.

I know spending money on toast is a popular way to rag on millennials, but for whatever reason my toast I make at home never tastes this way.

BluestoneLane_0315BluestoneLane_0316Thorough packaging is very much appreciated during the pandemic.BluestoneLane_6446BluestoneLane_0317P.S. Their coffee is great too.




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