A Few More Trader Joe’s Products


A few years back I wrote my first post on Trader Joe’s after discovering the wonderful things it has to offer when I was in college and lived a block over from one of their stores. Fast forward to today and the California stay at home order has really brought TJ and myself closer. Possibly too close, as after eight weeks of only sticking to one grocery store I am starting to crave a little more brand variety. However, I have really been making the rounds over the past two months, so here is my newest list on some Trader  Joe’s products.



I think TJ’s has such a strong salsa section, which you will find in between there chips and sparkling lemonades. My three favorite salsas are pineapple, green verde, and chunky salsa. I have very sensitive taste buds, so none of these are truly spicy, but all still flavorful. I love pouring the pineapple salsa over their tamales, salsa verde is great for making tacos, and chunky salsa is great for dipping tortilla chips.

TraderJoes_6063 2



Trader Joe’s does bread so well. Pancake bread might sound like an unnecessary concept, but pancake in bread form is exactly what I need, and tastes even better warm. Their focaccia bread and cheese breadsticks make perfect pairings for soup. And I could eat their French Brioche bread in an entire sitting like a bag of chips.




During the first few weeks of working from home I gave in to plenty of cravings, including buying three different types of frozen croissants. The ham and cheese croissants are great, but the almond and chocolate croissants are extra exciting because you have to proof them overnight. Knowing you have a croissant waiting to be baked really helps me get out of bed in the morning.

IMG_5913 3

The night before.

IMG_5914 3

The next morning.


Trader Joe’s Recipes!

Since I was only sticking to Trader Joe’s for a while, I started looking into recipes and discovered they actually have recipes using all of their own ingredients on their website. The mocha mud pie is a fave!



Two spreads I love, are their pepper jelly, which you can technically get at any store but they have a really tasty one, and their cinnamon roll spread. I make this meatball recipe with the jelly at least once a month and it goes great with cheese and crackers. The cinnamon roll spread would probably be great with ice cream, but I actually put a tiny amount on top of toast and almond butter. It gives it a sweet twist.


Two randoms!

I love their frozen Chinese soup dumplings. Also currently addicted to their baked cheese crunchies.



Plus two things I definitely don’t like.

Even though it continues to top the rankings of TJ products, I really cannot eat their orange chicken. I only know one other person who has the same opinion about this as I do and it’s my roommate, so maybe that is why we work well together in cohabitation.

I was also so disappointed with their acai bowl, mostly because I saw it and was so excited to try it. It was too good to be true, a frozen ready to eat acai bowl will never be as good as the fresh ones.




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