Lord Jones


I previously wrote about using CBD products in general, but that was back when I was still experimenting with different brands. I now have a regular favorite that I use, the interestingly named Lord Jones. The brand has a great lineup of products with a pretty strong fan following from customers.

I personally use their tincture and body lotion on a regular basis. Both help with what I would call dull pains, I regularly take a few of the tincture drops and notice improvements with arthritis, my carpal tunnel, and cramps. The body lotion I’ll target for random pains, such as some lower back pain after a long day at work spent mostly standing, or when my wrist, ankle, or knee aches after a particularly rigorous workout.

Besides the tincture (which comes in two flavors, I prefer lemon) and the body lotion, I’ve also tried their gumdrops, which actually tasted good but I feel like you get more of your money’s worth purchasing the other products, and I’ve tried the stiletto cream which is supposed to be made specifically for your feet but honestly I don’t see how it is different than using the regular body lotion.

Additionally Lord Jones sells CBD infused espresso chews, bath salts, gel capsules, and face moisturizer. For the tincture, I go through about a bottle a month so I signed up for the “subscription.” This just means it is shipped and charged monthly on the same date, but I can cancel it at anytime without a fee and they even have a skip this month feature if you don’t need or want to be charged sometimes.

As a whole, CBD can still be a toss up depending on the person and the ailments. Some people swear by it and have had great success, and some people feel that it is useless for them, but I think Lord Jones is a solid brand for anyone interested in using CBD products.




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