Cravings: Hungry For More by Chrissy Teigen


Why yes, I did receive this book as a Christmas gift in 2018 and I still haven’t actually cooked every single item in it, but anyone who is able to write a review of a cookbook right after it is released, have not spent enough time getting to know it and tackling it’s recipes(this is my way of admitting I’m a slow cooker who opens up cookbooks or cooking blogs I have bookmarked at most once a week).

I am a big Chrissy Teigen fan so I could be biased, but her Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook is so good. I received this as a gift, so I haven’t had the chance to cook through her first book, Cravings, before digging into this one. The three general takeaways I have from her cookbook is that you should always aim for decadent if you’re going to spend the effort cooking, having a stocked shelf of seasonings is key, and good cooking is never usually quick.

My top three favorite recipes from this book are Chrissy’s banana bread, which increases my popularity among friends and coworkers each time I make it, the two toned potatoes, which taught me not all knives are alike after I cut both of my index fingers while trying to slice up potatoes, and the chicken teriyaki burgers, even though I’m terrible at cooking meat, the seasoning and pre-grill steps for these burgers make them taste like heaven.

HungryForMoreCookbook_0282HungryForMoreCookbook_0283This tastes as good as it looks! I absolutely love banana bread, and this is the best version I’ve ever tried. This is also a foolproof recipe since I didn’t mess it up on the first try.

HungryForMoreCookbook_5687These two toned potatoes don’t quite look like the image featured in the cookbook, but they were still so yummy. HungryForMoreCookbook_6030Was pretty proud of how these popovers looked, but then learned I unfortunately don’t really like popovers…HungryForMoreCookbook_5873My childhood self was thrilled to learn that magic shell could easily be made at home. My food styling skills need improving though.HungryForMore_6038Why make a bunch of little cookies when you could instead make one giant cookie.


This cookbook is also the perfect marketing tool for Chrissy’s cookware line, as anytime a recipe called for something I didn’t own I would look to her stuff first to purchase it!




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