Otherland Candle

Otherland Candle_0294

Back at the beginning of March, which seems like a year away at this point, I received an Otherland Candle as a birthday gift and I finally decided to actually light it and try it out. The candle comes in a box that opens up like it’s a transformer. I was very thrown off when I found, after the extensive opening of the present, that there was a candle inside, but I was thrilled none the less as I love candles.

The Otherland Candles are inspired by the scents of the outdoors, or what we wish nature always smelled like. Since we’re indoors for the most part right now, candle scents like “California Fig” and “Peony Blossom” are definitely needed. Also, with Mother’s Day in the United States coming up in two weeks, a beautiful candle is a great gift (plus Otherland is donating 10% of their sales to the New York city food bank right now).

I’m definitely not someone who has mastered the art of meditation, but I highly recommend some candle therapy to get through these tough days. You do not necessarily need an Otherland Candle, any candle will do. First light the candle, second blast some moody music (like an Adele album, maybe some Lumineers or Maggie Rogers, whatever speaks to you) and three, lay on the ground. Lighting the Canopy candle, described as ivy greens and summer dew, while blasting some Maggie Rogers puts me as close to meditation as I can get.

Also, random side-note, candles make great weights if you don’t actually have weights for at home workouts. I was inspired week three of stay-at-home to build up my workout resources, until I was shocked to learn how much these things actually cost. So I will be sticking to candles as weights thank you very much.


OtherlandCandle_5734OtherlandCandle_5735OtherlandCandle_0295This over the top packaging, also came with a funny matchbox.



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