Mrs. America

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As someone who is not usually into much TV, now is as good a time as any to start watching television dramas that require interest and effort to keep up. I stayed up late to binge watch the first three episodes of Hulu and FX’s new Mrs. America, and the more I watched, the more I was hooked.

First Thoughts on Mrs. America:

  • My first thought was the show is slow to start, but of course there is a lot to establish in a short amount of time to get people like myself caught up on who Phyllis Schlafly is, minus the Wikipedia article I read on her. I think mostly it was the effort of starting a very political show in a very political time. Timely, but also a little exhausting. So much of the politics fight in the show looks pretty familiar though. Pretty insane that politics hasn’t changed much since the 70s, as in fifty years ago!
  • TV series based on historic figures and events are usually my jam though. I love googling people as they show up and confirming what is factual and what might be “dramatized” for the show. I have read valid complaints that Phyllis Schlafly on Mrs. America is shown in a much more positive light than her real life counterpart. Television shows like to give most characters good and bad lights for the sake of drama and interest, but it did lead me to read up on Schlafly to get the full effect of the damage her views had on politics.
  • Rose Byrne and Uzo Aduba are such kick ass actresses, and Gloria Steinem and Shirley Chisholm are such kick ass women anyways, I would gladly watch an entire series devoted to each character. It’s also a shame that I honestly didn’t know too much about Steinem and Chisholm beforehand.
  • Before I actually started the show, I assumed the show-runner was Ryan Murphy for some reason. Maybe because Sarah Paulson is a lead character and I assume all Sarah Paulson shows and all FX shows are by Ryan Murphy. The show is actually written by Dahvi Waller, who has Desperate Housewives and Mad Men under her writing credits.
  • Having the always captivating Cate Blanchett on my television screen instead of in a movie theater for once is so exciting. When I first saw a trailer for the show I thought, wait, is Cate Blanchett doing television now? Apparently she has done quite a bit of Australian television, and also Family Guy and the Simpsons!
  • Who doesn’t love a period drama. The hair department, wardrobe department, and set department on this show are having a field day with the 70s.
  • Did I mention some of the top notch actresses in this show? The lineup is truly endless and I spent the first episode simply reacting each time a new star is revealed.





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