A Homemade and Pieced Together Mask


It is incredibly important that we all do our best to keep ourselves and others safe during this time, and following important instructions from health and government experts, but seeing the recommendation for making your own mask to wear outside stumped me. I cannot sew, I don’t own a sewing machine but I also do not know how to use any type of thread and needle (basically helpless compared to my mother that use to sew her hand-me-down clothes growing up). I don’t own any bandanas and the only scarf I own is a very large thick winter scarf made for frigid Chicago weather where you need to basically wrap your entire head and neck without any skin exposed. If I was truly out of options, I would wear the thick scarf, but I found some material from my work and attempted to create my own mask.

I used this video at first to try and make a mask without sewing and using only some material and hair ties. The handkerchief-type material I found was too short and the hair ties kept snapping off of my ears based on the method in the video. If you have a dishtowel to spare, I think it would be the perfect length for a mask that doesn’t require permanently attaching the hair ties. I then tried hole punching four holes, which was slightly therapeutic, and tying some ribbon, which would work if the knot didn’t get tied into my hair each time. Also, undoing the knot to reuse the mask became a nuisance.

By my third try I was frustrated and instead stapled the hair ties to the sides. I did one side first and then measured it around my face before stapling the second side so that the hair tie was tight enough on my ear to stay put without being too tight and snapping off. The mask is chunky and I’m sure I’ll be poked by the staples at some point, but I managed to make it work. I also suggest putting something that smells good along the inside of the mask as the same air will be circling inside the mask and it would be nice for your nose to smell something fresh.

Instead of struggling though making a mask yourself, and if you are able to afford purchasing a well made mask, two companies that are donating proceeds to make masks for healthcare workers as well are Christy Dawn and Heather Taylor Home. They’re also fun and colorful, great for kiddos.

IMG_5997The perfect image for this situation, a hot mess with confusing pieces mashed together in an attempt to get by and make this work as best as possible right now.IMG_5998Tried to use ribbons pulled through the holes and then made the hair ties work by force, lots of staples.IMG_5999IMG_6002IMG_6001





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