Office Ladies Podcast

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I’m sure people who are Office fans already know about the Office Ladies Podcast right now, but in this time of daily struggle and a lot of terrible things going on, it’s good to share something that has been bringing me joy. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, actresses from the Office who played Pam and Angela respectively, have started a podcast called the Office Ladies. From the show, the two became real life best friends and have been close ever since. Instead of dissecting the show like other TV podcasts would do when it might be hosted by fans or television critics, the two ladies reminisce about working on the show. They give behind the scenes tidbits on making TV in general, and have stories specifically for each episode about what it was like working with the cast, funny bloopers from the show, or how they filmed different moments in the episode. It is light, heartwarming, and some good fluff to break up the news, politics, and murder podcasts most people are rotating between.

It has also turned into a quarantine activity as I watch only one episode of the Office per week and then listen to the corresponding podcast episode. It gives me something to look forward to and helps me know when it’s Wednesday.




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