Brad Goreski “Bradbucks” Instagram Videos


This has apparently turned into an Instagram scrolling blog. Instead of keeping up with my favorite television shows, I am instead keeping up with my favorite Instagram clips. I think with my mind constantly worried about the daily news right now, it’s hard for me to focus on anything too deep, or basically any TV drama. Instead I am focused on funny and uplifting accounts on Instagram and mindless TV like game shows and things you can find on the Food Network.

I am a big “royals” follower, and love Gary Janetti’s Instagram account where he spoofs the British Royal Family from the perspective of little Prince George (he’s actually turning it into a cartoon show on HBO). Gary is married to Brad Goreski and each day since the quarantine started they have been filming Bradbucks, as Gary has a very specific order he usually gets from Starbucks and Brad attempts to make his order every morning. The two somehow turn making the same coffee order every morning into a funny, and adorable, mini reality show. I would definitely watch a full reality show of them in their day to day lives, in 2021 of course once we move past dealing with this virus.







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