Body By Simone (Live Classes & App)


I started taking Body By Simone classes last November and decided on a little goal for myself to regularly go for six months, which would have been next month. Once the coronavirus started to alter daily life I stopped going for obvious reasons (being aware of social distancing, and then the studio was forced to close based on government requirements). With things being shut down now for at least the immediate future, and probably months after, I also can’t afford to regularly go each week if it were to open later this year as it is pretty expensive (affording to attend fancy workout classes is definitely a privilege).

Last week I was incredibly anxious with the news, plus the workload at my job seemed to triple overnight, so I spent the entire week sitting at my kitchen table for probably twelve hours a day working (and torturing myself with checking twitter every hour) that I couldn’t even process “working out at home.” I was also getting annoyed with the workout challenges and people posting at home videos as I felt too busy to workout and too tightly wound with stress to even think about it. However, Simone, of Body By Simone, was encouraging people to sign for her app, as the first two weeks are free and then she discounted the monthly price for 6 months. The app is much more reasonable than in-person classes FYI. After taking one week to drown in panic, adding something non-work related to my day has alleviated a little bit of daily anxiety, even if it’s only for thirty minutes. It’s also added a little more routine to my previously never ending day. I now do a video in the late afternoon after working, and then take a shower and make dinner afterwards.

I normally hate exercise classes and must have a toddler brain as I want to reject anyone trying to make me do something, personal trainers would not work for me. The first few BBS classes were extremely difficult, to be honest. However, BBS offers a buy one get one free special for any first timers, which is so smart. I didn’t want to come back after my first class as I felt very inadequate, but I had a free class and didn’t want to waste it. I tried another instructor and the full body class and honestly had the best time. Five months later and it is a miracle that I regularly enjoy going to a workout class, and although it is really hard, for the most part it is really fun. The cardio portions are dance based mixed with HIIT, and we use light weights, bands, balls, and gliders, which I prefer to some of the more extreme workouts like Crossfit. My poor joints would not survive a Crossfit workout, but with BBS I’m still getting in pretty good shape, which for me means I have actual arm muscles now. The instructors encourage you to push yourself without making you feel bad about yourself. Also, the music they play is so good and always gets me in the mood for my workouts. Overall, I am proud of myself for trying something new, excited to get back to it someday, and grateful to be able to take a few moments and use the app each day, even if it’s just for the stretching section because we could all use ten minutes to stretch our tense and anxious bodies.


BBS_4976This makes me laugh each time I see it. Outside of the studio they have all the instructor headshots of them that look like they’re topless for some reason.BBS_4975They also have a board that lists people who have hit the 500 class mark. It will most likely take me ten years to get there.BBS_5874BBS_5877For things that involve weights, I’ve been using candles at home because I’m too cheap to buy actual weights, but you can certainly get creative.




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