Antoni “Quar Eye” Quarantine Instagram Videos

Antoni Porowski

During this time I’m trying to find things that will keep me occupied, that will boost my mood, and is of course affordable under this new tight budget I will basically have to follow for the rest of 2020 thanks to the economy shutting down. Honestly, this is a time for social media to shine in it’s element, whether that is major panic over on twitter or funny, adorable videos on Instagram. I make sure to go back and forth between the two to keep a balance of panicking and trying to forget what’s happening.

Anyhow, one Instagram account that is currently giving me about ten minutes of joy each day is Antoni Porowski’s account from Queer Eye on Netflix (which you should definitely watch during this quarantine if you haven’t seen it). He has been posting “Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine” videos on his Instagram. Although I continue to watch these videos while laying on the couch and not actually cooking, thanks to the bare grocery store shelves I mostly have microwavable items, I am still learning some great cooking tips for a brighter and less panicked future. I mostly watch the videos because I am in general obsessed with Antoni, but his makeshift one-man cooking show is wholesome, positive, and filled with adorable Antoni streams of consciousness. He is also very nice to look at.

Anotni Porowski_1

Antoni Porowski_3

Antoni Porowski_4

Obsessed with these low quality screenshots I have from each of his videos so far.





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