Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn_5682

I don’t think you can ever truly become a one hundred percent ethical shopper, at least not based on our corporate habits and company offerings at the moment. However, I will say a college lecture on the business model and ethical questions of fast fashion back in 2016 has made me more aware of my clothing choices. The clothing brand Christy Dawn originally captured my attention on Instagram, as stylish mommy bloggers wore the brand’s sweaters items to their child’s music class and non-mommy influencers wore their dresses while frolicking through flower fields on their road trips. Once I learned more about the company, their strong ethical and environmental commitment stood out to me as best explained in their tagline which reads, “when deciding what to wear, we have an obligation to consider how it’s made and the impact of that process.”

Christy Dawn clothes are anything but cheap, which is exactly the point. This brand supports their employees with fair wages and working conditions, they ethically source their fabric and materials, and make long lasting clothing, which hopefully inspires you to buy less articles of clothing that you use for a longer period of time. A lot of the brand’s clothing items are unique, and their styles do change often due to the use of dead-stock fabric, which I think is so cool. They find leftover clothing fabric and material and make all of their clothing by hand. Environmentally friendly, well crafted, fashionable, and ethically conscious, makes for a well rounded clothing brand.





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