Andaz Maui Luau (The Feast at Mōkapu)


Maui has a long list of luau options (and all of the Hawaiian Islands for that matter). Of all the activities to do, and things to see, and food to eat on the island, spending a large amount of money on a luau show is probably last on your list. Maybe you have young kids and you really just want to book the small show at your hotel that has the buffet and that works perfectly for your trip. However, if you are looking for a snazzy and well done luau experience and really want to go all out, then the Andaz luau, The Feast at Mōkapu, is for you.

First of all, the Andaz Maui at Wailea is a beautiful resort and part of the reason I wanted to go to this luau is an excuse to see the resort in person even though I wasn’t actually staying there.Andaz Maui_4553It really stands out for its architecture and design.Andaz Maui_4565AndazMaui_4561Andaz Maui_4555I feel there was a missed opportunity to have one giant slide connect all these pools, but I guess the crowd staying here isn’t a big water slide crowd.Andaz Maui_4642Andaz Maui_4643

After checking in we were given pretty drinks and beaded necklaces. They had stations for making flower bracelets, getting temporary tattoos, a professional photographer who took beautiful photos of every group (and everyone is given a copy which is included in the ticket price), plus an open bar all night.AndazLuau_4567AndazLuau_4572AndazLuau_4570There are upgraded ticket options that cost more for “better views.” We didn’t purchase these and I’m glad we didn’t because it wasn’t worth it. They only have a handful of tables per show and really keep the crowd small so everyone has a great view, unless you must have the very first seat. Also the Andaz might be fancy, but there were plenty of Hawaiian shirts and khakis at dinner so don’t feel like you need to dress up (unless of course you want to, then go all out) .AndazLuau_4604The dinner was plated with a server for every table. Everything was delicious, although some things I wasn’t too brave to try. AndazLuau_4606The only food picture I took for some reason was of this fancy butter, but look how fancy it is!AndazLuau_4622There were costume changes, singing, dancing, story telling, etc.AndazLuau_4629And of course there was fire dancing. I was so nervous during all the fire parts that involved throwing sticks of fire in the air and twirling it around their body.





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