The Mill House


I learned about the Mill House after falling into a deep internet search while looking up restaurants in Maui, and I feel like this place should be getting a lot more attention. As like most restaurants in Hawaii, the meal was delicious. Their chickpea cakes were melt-in-your-mouth good and I must’ve liked whatever drink I ordered because I took a picture of it.

MillHouse_4671MillHouse_4677Also I noticed throughout my trip the beautiful flatware restaurants throughout Maui use to display their food.

MillHouse_4686MillHouse_4682MillHouse_4676Besides the restaurant, there is also zip lining, a coffee shop, some sort of tour (which honestly looked boring but might be fun if you have children), a nice gift shop, and beautiful grounds to explore.MillHouse_4662MillHouse_4694MillHouse_4692To be honest I am not a fan of birds, but tried to snap this picture before running in the other direction. There were SO.MANY.MORE.BIRDS. on this property.MillHouse_4695MillHouse_4654MillHouse_4672





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