Front Street


Although I would argue nothing on Maui could be described as “touristy”, probably the closest touristy street we visited was Front Street. A long street lined with souvenir and dessert shops definitely attracts all the travelers, but it still had its adorable Maui charm and gorgeous ocean views.

FrontStreet_4484FrontStreet_4488FrontStreet_4448FrontStreet_4444FrontStreet_4469Cookie heaven and the perfect place to shop for family and friends gifts.FrontStreet_4472FrontStreet_4447FrontStreet_4445FrontStreet_4462This was amazing and as giant as it looks in this photo.FrontStreet_4460Maui hands down has the best pineapples I’ve ever tasted.FrontStreet_4468I’m a sucker for adorable socks.FrontStreet_4456FrontStreet_4451FrontStreet_4450FrontStreet_4474




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