The Plantation House


I had an inkling that Hawaii would have fresh tasting food, but I was not expecting almost every meal in Maui to be quite so delicious (the only reason I say almost is because Monkeypod was disappointing, at least based on the one dish I tried there). The Plantation House is located at Kapalua Resort, a much quieter and calmer part of the Maui on the northwest side of the island. This resort is well known for its golf course, where they were setting up for a tournament while we were eating. Side-note, the Plantation House parking lot is where I learned that Hawaii has the smallest parking spots anywhere you go on the island. I originally thought it was only because street parking is usually tight and can be difficult in any state, but no, even big spacious parking lots have been divided up into some of the world’s smallest parking spots.

The restaurant has some of the best avocado toast I have ever tasted. When I ordered it the waiter was concerned I would be still hungry, which I am grateful for, because it meant I also tasted some of the best breakfast potatoes. Everything was presented on the cutest sets of dishware. Although we went for breakfast, I would have loved to go for dinner around sunset to watch through the restaurant’s windows.

After our meal we drove a little further north towards the Nakalele Blowhole. The road starts to get questionable the further you go north, but we stopped at a beautiful lookout and watched all the snorkelers.

PlantationHouse_4412PlantationHouse_4416All avocado toast should be this decadent.PlantationHouse_4410The golf tournament being set up.ThePlantationHouse_4418PlantationHouse_4417PlantationHouse_4420A pretty lookout spot down the road from the restaurant.PlantationHouse_4426Those are all snorkelers in the water.






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