Sheraton Maui Resort


I can 100% declare myself a hotel person. I fully understand those that like staying in rentals, airbnbs, etc. for perks like full kitchens and more space, but on my first trip to Hawaii, I was determined to stay in a resort for the full experience, and the Sheraton Maui Hotel turned out to be an even better choice than I anticipated.

Things to Know About the Sheraton Maui Resort:

The Sheraton Maui is located in Lahaina. I learned that Maui is shaped like a figure eight laying on its side, and there is one main highway that connects the island. If you fly into the Kahului Airport, there is about a 45 minute drive down and around the left-side of the island to the Sheraton. We only rented a car for the second half of our trip, so we opted to take an Uber from the airport. It turned into an informal tour thanks to our chatty driver and a beautiful view along the highway (BTW taking an Uber around the island is pretty easy, to mostly accessible places, as in not the Road to Hana).

The Sheraton is famous for its “Black Rock” beach, where there is a medium sized cliff of black rocks that provide hours of entertainment, mostly for teens, to jump off into the ocean.


The Sheraton is also located right on Ka’anapali Beach, and although I may not have seen every beach in Maui during my first trip, based on the handful I did visit, this one was my favorite. There is a long and deep stretch of sand, which is important for a nice long day at the beach. The hotel provides towels, and offers umbrella and chair rentals (get there right before it opens first thing in the morning, there was already a line at 8:00am!). There is also a stand for floats and boogie boards to rent. We only dedicated a half day to the beach, ocean, and watching people jump off the rocks and my only regret is not spending more time enjoying it.


The Sheraton is also located next to Whaler’s Village. I think this hotel is easily one of the best family hotels for this reason, along with Ka’anapali Beach, as it offers so much within walking distance. I recommend making a reservation at Hula Grill around sunset for dinner. They also have tourists’ favorite Monkey Pod (was honestly not impressed) along with other restaurants and so many great shops at the Whaler’s Village.


In Lahaina, along Ka’anapali Beach, is a nice long stretch of hotels, condos, vacation homes etc. that make for such a beautiful walk, especially around sunset. I found it funny every morning looking outside my window and watching joggers, fast walking friends with coffees, and families pushing strollers along the path.


Like most hotels along the ocean, the Sheraton offers ocean-view rooms and ocean-front rooms, and there is a major difference! During my check-in, a disappointed woman learned in the lobby that there is a difference between booking an ocean-view (which can mean you get a 1/4th corner of the ocean and that you may only see it from your balcony) and an ocean-front room (the best views of the ocean, usually right on the water, and you can see it from inside the room itself). The difference will also definitely impact your pricing, and sometimes it is a hundred percent worth paying extra money to guarantee the ocean-front, but our cheaper ocean view had an amazing view anyways and the resort slightly sits back from the beach in general so it is harder to get any closer even when paying extra.

IMG_4813View from our room, when standing on the balcony…IMG_4517and one day there was this amazing rainbow going over the resort, that I think the Sheraton somehow manufactured, it was placed too perfectly.

Almost every resort has their own luau show onsite, and the Sheraton is no exception. Our room was located right over where they do their show, so I had front row seats three times during my stay. It definitely depends on how much you want to spend on the luau show and whether you care enough to see an amazing production or a good enough production. I will say, we went to a show at a different resort and some of the fun was being able to leave the hotel and see a new hotel we did not stay at. Plus, I ended up seeing half of it from my room and walking past it at night, so it would have taken away a lot of the wow factor if we bought tickets.

The hotel also has a great pool that interconnects along the property, a few casual restaurants/bars, and the best breakfast option within walking distance. It is definitely expensive, but if you are looking for a nice breakfast buffet, it can’t be beat (and we tried but when we ventured out everyone directed us back to the hotel for breakfast options).






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