Lisa Eldridge Lipstick


I’m not a huge follower of makeup influencers/Youtube beauty gurus, mostly because I don’t wear much makeup and am terrible at applying it no matter how many videos I watch, but I am a huge fan of makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. I love her makeup tutorials, her client work, her jewelry that I have on my someday wish-list as I cannot afford it at this time, and her overall aesthetic, so of course I’m going to love her lipsticks.

Lisa is a collector of vintage makeup, so I feel like she brought a little of that into her very chic lipstick design. I never planned on being a makeup collector, but the thought of throwing out the lipstick container once I inevitably use it all, seems like such a waste. The lipstick comes in a gold, shiny case with her adorable emblem on it. What most people are drawn to, is that Lisa offers lipsticks that look like velvet. As in, the actual lipstick itself looks like a velvet material, almost like fake makeup you would play with as a child. The formula itself goes on very pigmented and hydrated, but with a matte finish. It is the perfect combination, as I love the look of matte lipstick but it tends to dry out my lips, while a lipstick that is too moisturizing tends to wipe off quickly, so this is a great combination.

Lisa’s lipsticks tend to sell out quickly, and she currently only releases them once per year, so I decided to go for it this year and purchase them all the way from London, but I think they were worth it.

LisaEldridgeLipstick_3578LisaEldridgeLipstick_3581I also gave in and had to buy the adorable red velvet bags.

LisaEldridgeLipstick_3586Little touches of her cute logo.LisaEldridgeLipstick_3587LisaEldridgeLipstick_3591






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