Knives Out

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‘Tis the season for an onslaught of movies coming out at the theater. On the one hand, I love this time of year with plenty of movies to choose from, especially when its getting colder outside, but on the other hand it can be hard to keep up with all the good movies coming out. The calendar this year is much more scrunched together as Thanksgiving weekend fell at the end of November, and this means awesome movies like Knives Out that came out over Thanksgiving weekend, have a smaller window of time before the onslaught of Christmas releases begin. My advise to you, do not fall into the trap of letting Knives Outs slip past you, and make sure to go see it in the theater.

Reasons You Should See Knives Out:

It is an original script! No adaptations, sequels, or prequels here

For Rian Johnson’s directing of a mystery, comedy film (and yes I loved Star Wars The Last Jedi, and think Rian Johnson is a wonderful filmmaker)

For Chris Evans. Yes, he looks amazing in his sweaters, but it was also fun watching him play this character (but mostly go to ogle him in his sweater)

For actress Ana de Armas, who was my favorite character in the film. This was the first film I have seen her in, and I am immediately a big fan. I also can’t wait to see her in the upcoming James Bond film.

For Daniel Craig who has the silliest southern accent and who seems to be having fun playing his role in this film (which I feel like you don’t see that often from Daniel Craig)

To support Christopher Plummer, who at 90 is still snatching up fun roles to play.

For an overall fun cast, as the characters bring the comedic aspect that makes watching Knives Out so fun

To go watch a movie not made by Disney, because it’s important to keep a little bit of competition out there in the entertainment industry

Because Knives Out is a really, really good movie


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