Guerilla Tacos


I don’t venture to downtown Los Angeles too often, but when I happen to be in the neighborhood, I always try to make a stop at Guerilla Tacos. Growing up in Chicago, the thought of being vegetarian or vegan when eating out was definitely tricky, and although I don’t enjoy eating meat, plenty of restaurants in Los Angeles are close to convincing me that I could fully commit to a vegetarian lifestyle. Guerilla Tacos is one of those restaurants, as I ignore all meat options when I visit, and instead immediately order the sweet potato tacos (heaven in a tortilla) and potato taquitos (the perfect side dish to heaven in a tortilla).

The restaurant’s theme appears to be cool kids graffiti. It blends in well with the colorful character of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.

GuerillaTacos_3486GuerillaTacos_3488GuerillaTacos_3492Sweet Potato Heaven in a tortilla.GuerillaTacos_3490





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