Belmond El Encanto


For me, the sign of a true resort town is the quality hotels they have to offer that make it a great destination spot. Santa Barbara has its own charm, laid-back style, beautiful stretch of beaches, and some of the best hotels around. One of my favorite Santa Barbara hotels is the Belmond El Encanto.

BelmondElEncanto_1321BelmondElEncanto_1301The Belmond El Encanto is perched up on a hill overlooking Santa Barbara, which you learn pretty quickly as you make your descent up the road leading to the hotel. This perch gives it some of the best views in town of both the surrounding city and the coast along the Pacific Ocean.BelmondElEncanto_1453BelmondElEncanto_1469Instead of a more traditional hotel format with standard rooms, the Belmond is spread out over the property and made up mostly of villas and suites.BelmondElEncanto_1465The Belmond in Santa Barbara is also home to one the most popular wedding ceremony locations in California…BelmondElEncanto_1472…complete with live turtle friends. Search the Belmond El Encanto location tag on Instagram, and lots of wedding ceremonies will be popping up.BelmondElEncanto_1461BelmondElEncanto_1408The grounds are well kept and turn the hotel into its own little oasis, within the oasis that is Santa Barbara.BelmondElEncanto_1330BelmondElEncanto_1460BelmondElEncanto_1433I could not get enough of the views from every direction at this hotel.








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