Ojai, California


Oh Ojai, a little charming town, usually overshadowed by its neighbor Santa Barbara. Tucked into a valley at the base of the mountains, an hour and half north of Los Angeles, and 45 minutes east of Santa Barbara, Ojai feels like a whole different world from these major cities.

Ojai Valley Inn is the main attraction in Ojai, although it might as well be its own town based on the size alone, plus it has a very different vibe from Ojai itself. If you do not have the means to stay at Ojai Valley Inn, but realize that the AirBnB options are sparse (which I realized too late when I was already staying at my AirBnB without hot water), then Ojai Rancho Inn might be the better option.

The town of Ojai is filled with my kind of coffee shops, boutiques, plenty of vegan restaurants, and lots of character.

Ojai_1740Ojai_0209Ojai_1821Ojai_1838Ojai_1839Ojai_1844Ojai_1846Beacon Coffee was one of my favorites in town, with good coffee and delicious pastries.Ojai_1840Ojai_1825Ojai_1830Ojai_1827Ojai is very passionate about bookstore options.Ojai_1813Ojai Rotie has pretty patio lighting and yummy food. It is a great spot for dinner when the weather is nice, which is most of the time in Ojai.Ojai_1708The Farmer and the Cook is a quintessential Ojai stop, a vegan restaurant/fresh market.Ojai_1709Ojai_1711Ojai_1746






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