Ferry Building


The Ferry Building in San Francisco does not get enough kudos for all of the food vendors it has to offer. Usually when I go to a market or food hall of some kind I expect a fair amount of vendors, but the Ferry Building was huge and packed with lots of great options.  Plus I am a sucker for a pretty blue building and a great view along the water as I walked off all the food I ate.

FerryBuilding_2769FerryBuilding_2758FerryBuilding_2736Besides the food, Heath Ceramics also had its own booth filled with the prettiest items.FerryBuilding_2763FerryBuilding_2766There was an entire booth dedicated only to mushrooms.FerryBuilding_2764I had to snap a picture of these chocolates that from afar look like they are fancy jewelry on display.FerryBuilding_2755Humphry Slocombe wins for longest line. Since the line was so long I of course had to try the ice cream for myself, and it was worth it.FerryBuilding_2761FerryBuilding_2713FerryBuilding_2749FerryBuilding_2752





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