Schaffer’s Mill


Admittedly I am not a very good millennial, I do not currently have an Amazon Prime account, I prefer driving and even parking in LA than taking a ride share, and I am not a big AirBnB fan. I am not very trusting of online “rentals” in general when traveling, which is very opposite of the current trends with AirBnb, Vrbo, and all of the other boutique and niche rental sites. Long story short, I was coerced into staying at a rental home in Truckee, and it was honestly one of the nicest places I have ever stayed.

Schaffer’s Mill is a fancy gated community of homes, with a golf course, and plenty of resident amenities in the town of Truckee, CA. All of the home owners have a specific site they can use through their community to rent out their properties to vacationers. Please enjoy the following photos of the rental house we stayed in, the beautiful surrounding area that looks even better dusted in a little bit of snow fall, and all of the houses I would like to move to when I retire some day.

SchaffersMill_2112SchaffersMill_2052SchaffersMill_2082SchaffersMill_2066SchaffersMill_2019SchaffersMill_2053Our specific house had four bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, plus a hot tub, game room, and gorgeous kitchen. You can tell we are in the mountains based on all of the use of wood decor.


When we first arrived, it looked more like fall, and then the perfect amount of snow fell over night and we woke up to a cozy, winter wonderland.


SchaffersMill_2109SchaffersMill_2107SchaffersMill_2110SchaffersMill_2106And here are all the houses I would like to live in when I retire.






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