Sacramento to Truckee Road Trip


California continues to offer endless places to explore, and is still a place where I am getting to know my way around years later after moving to the west coast. I had a quick trip planned to the “Tahoe area” and kept telling everyone I was headed to Lake Tahoe, when actually I was headed to a town called Truckee. To give some context, there is the literal lake, Lake Tahoe, which is half in the state of Nevada and half in the state of California. There is the town of South Lake Tahoe, south of the lake, and Truckee, north of the lake. Truckee is where you will find a lot of fancy communities, such as Martis Camp, and fancy hotels, like the Ritz Carlton, Lake Tahoe.

Although Reno airport is technically closer to Truckee, for whatever reason I flew into the Sacramento airport and rented a car from there. The trip took about two hours, and was so beautiful along the way. It is worth it to see the area change from Sacramento, a flat city with warm temperatures and a small town vibe, into the green trees, white snow-capped mountains, and chilly temps of Truckee. I am obviously not an experienced mountain girl, as it blew my mind that Sacramento could be only two hours away from Truckee with traffic, and it was close to 90 degrees when I landed, but snowing in Truckee. The returning drive along the mountains in the snow did test my driving abilities, as well as tested my ability to grip my steering wheel for two hours straight, but was worth the breath taking views.


TruckeeRoadTrip_1995 2TruckeeRoadTrip_1968TruckeeRoadTrip_1966TruckeeRoadTrip_1986TruckeeRoadTrip_1987 2TruckeeRoadTrip_1988TruckeeRoadTrip_1990TruckeeRoadTrip_2874TruckeeRoadTrip_2851TruckeeRoadTrip_2845TruckeeRoadTrip_2862TruckeeRoadTrip_2872TruckeeRoadTrip_2833







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