Gott’s Roadside

Gotts Roadside_5236

It is time, once again, to discuss burgers.

Growing up in the Midwest, our options were either the very flat McDonald’s style burger, the thick pub style burger that you get in a sit down restaurant which requires a fork and knife to eat (plus it costs upwards of $20), or a freshly grilled backyard burger only during summer seasons when someone in the house was in the mood. Moving to California, I was introduced to “quickly made” burgers that are still fresh, delicious, not a sad flattened patty, but are also not $20. The East and West coast have been in a delicious competitive burger battle that I missed out on for years. Although I admit I prefer Shake Shack over In N Out any-day, there are plenty of places in California that keep throwing their hat into the ring for best burger.

I recently tried Gott’s Roadside, which is making me second guess Shake Shack’s title for Chloe’s favorite burger. I did not take any pictures of the burger itseself, mostly because I forgot and started eating it right away, which is probably the way we should be enjoying our food I guess…. but also because it looks like a typical burger, nothing fancy. It is the way the patty is cooked that makes it quite delicious, as if my Dad started up the grill on a rarely warm, Chicago evening in August. Gott’s has perfected the balance of grilling the burger to slightly charbroiled perfection on the outside, without overcooking it on the inside.

Gott’s always has a long line, due mostly to the fact there are only seven locations (including the SFO airport) and they are all within northern California. The first location was opened in St.Helena, so it is definitely a Napa classic and worth a stop.


Gotts Roadside_2737






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