Napa Farmhouse Inn


Napa could definitely be considered one of the capitals of the hotel market. There are endless top rated hotels to choose from, all with their own inviting aesthetic, relaxing spas, and delicious restaurants. Even though every year multiple new hotels continue to open, they all stay booked, busy, and expensive. Although almost every one of Napa’s 5 star hotels are on my bucket list, for my most recent visit to the wine country I was convinced to try out something a little different and stay at the Napa Farmhouse Inn.

This was my first time staying at a bed and breakfast, and before this my only impression I received of B&Bs was from the Harvard visit episode of Gilmore Girls where they stay at the Cheshire Cat and spend the episode trying to avoid making small talk with the other guests. Well, based on my experience at the Napa Farmhouse Inn, Gilmore Girls really nailed the the vibe of staying at a B&B.


Each room is different from the other, with its own sense of charm.

The property was much larger than I expected, with lots of outdoor space, gardens, and even a chicken coop.


The Inn owners Mimi and Ed (because of course those are their names) can be found tending to the gardens, asking guests about their day, and even cooking breakfast for everyone each morning. I really stepped outside of my comfort zone by having so much social interaction, but somehow I survived.

Honestly, the character and little details all over the property really make the experience. I kept feeling like I was on a movie or TV set the entire weekend (seriously watch the Harvard trip episode of Gilmore Girls).

IMG_2297NapaFarmhouseInn_2324NapaFarmhouseInn_1036NapaFarmhouseInn_1035NapaFarmhouseInn_1034NapaFarmhouseInn_2279NapaFarmhouseInn_2293NapaFarmhouseInn_2291NapaFarmhouseInn_2283NapaFarmhouseInn_2281NapaFarmhouseInn_2286NapaFarmhouseInn_2280NapaFarmhouseInn_2319NapaFarmhouseInn_2302NapaFarmhouseInn_2309NapaFarmhouseInn_2323Of course there is a Tesla charger because you cannot forget we are still in California.

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